Should I talk to a therapist?

We all feel sadness at times, like all our emotions, our feelings are there for a reason, to communicate something important to us. Maybe, it's grief from the loss of something we valued in our lives, like the end of a relationship, a job change, or loss of something we hoped or dreamed for. These seasons of change can be difficult to navigate as we reconcile our expected outcomes with our current reality.

While these feelings can feel heart crushing, heavy, and painful, we can actually amplify and worsen these feelings when we fight against them vs. embracing them. Not allowing ourselves to be in these emotions could look like trying to burry these feelings, avoiding them, such as engrossing ourselves in "busy activities" or pretending they're not there. The truth is when we fight against feelings like sadness, we amplify them, and create more suffering for ourselves over the long term.

The only way to the other side of a difficult, painful feeling is through it.

Sometimes it can feel too difficult, too scary, or overwhelming to look at and hold these emotions by ourselves. This is when therapy can help. As a therapist, I aim to cultivate a space for my clients to explore these emotions and develop a healthier relationship with emotions.

Once we allow ourselves to experience our emotion to its completion, we can discover the wisdom it has for us.

When we allow ourselves to experience and feel all our emotions including the difficult ones, we can find relief. We no longer have to waste energy suppressing the feeling or risk it manifesting in unhealthy coping. This allows us more energy to move into action towards the things we value most in our life. As a psychologist, it's a privilege to help my clients develop a better relationship with their emotions and internal world.

If you're ready to discover this for yourself, book an initial phone consultation, and start cultivating the life you want to live.